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Unleash Your Creativity with Matthew Finley’s Garbage Charged 

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Are you ready to discover a world where junk turns into treasure? Look no further than Matthew Finley’s Garbage Charged website. In this article, we’ll explore the creative realm of Matthew Finley and his partner Aubrie, where they transform discarded items into functional and aesthetically pleasing works of art.

The Home of Matthew Finley

Matthew Finley’s Garbage Charged website serves as a hub for their creative ventures. Here, Matthew and Aubrie share their passion for repurposing items, breathing new life into what others may consider garbage.

Embracing the Art of Upcycling

Matthew and Aubrie’s approach to creativity is centered around upcycling. They believe that even the most ordinary objects can be transformed into something extraordinary. Through their projects, they demonstrate how a little imagination and skill can turn trash into treasures.

Tech Projects with a Twist

In addition to their upcycling endeavors, Matthew and Aubrie also dabble in the world of tech. Their website features innovative tech projects that incorporate their signature creativity. From building robots to exploring cutting-edge technology, they showcase their technical prowess through engaging content.

Getting in Touch with Matthew Finley

If you’re intrigued by Matthew Finley’s projects and want to connect with him, the Garbage Charged website provides a way to get in touch. Whether you have questions, want to collaborate, or simply want to share your own DIY journey, reaching out to Matthew and Aubrie is just a click away.

Contacting Matthew Finley

To connect with Matthew Finley, visit the “Contact” section of the Garbage Charged website. There, you’ll find various ways to reach out, including email and social media platforms. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with Matthew and Aubrie—they love engaging with their community.


Matthew Finley’s Garbage Charged website is a hub of creativity and inspiration. Through their upcycling projects and tech endeavors, Matthew and Aubrie showcase their innovative spirit and passion for breathing new life into discarded items. Take a leap into their world of creativity, and let Matthew Finley’s Garbage Charged ignite your own imagination.

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