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Top most open house strategies that will undoubtedly result in leads
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Top most open house strategies that will undoubtedly result in leads 

  1. Concentrate on these three features to set your posting unique from your competitors.

Agents should do research on MLS to find the unique features that they possess that others don’t have. It can be square feet, big area bedrooms, or higher ceilings. Distinguishing the difference from others makes you look knowledgeable in this field and will help sell your posting.

  1. Practically stage the home and propose to email the new style to the open house guests.

This idea will save the buyers the energy of planning and thinking of how the space will look since the agent will include staged photos of the place with different furniture. You can design a nursery, an office, a lounge, a man cave, etc.

  1. Get a photographer to take pictures of the buyers, agents, and guests.

People love photos of them accomplishing something they had set up. They can use those photos on social media for their next posting.neighborhood brand

  1. Use courtesy marketing as a pretext to socialize with the neighbors.

This is whereby the agent decides to visit the households surrounding the open house and inform them that on a certain date, there will be increased traffic for activity and will take how long. People love it when they are informed about what will happen around them. It shows respect. This becomes a great opportunity for after-listings. Make sure not to invite them and let them invite themselves if they want to.

  1. Livestream the open house activity on Facebook or any other social media.

This will drive traffic since people love what others love.

  1. Make sure to promote your open house activity to other agents and brokers days before the actual date.
  2. Get people like junior agents to help you during the open house so that you don’t go around doing everything and being everywhere that you even lack time to mingle with guests and answer their questions. This will portray a good picture for your future clients.
  3. Plan to give out small branded gifts to thank them for coming to the event.
  4. Use signs post to communicate the unique elements in different rooms that cannot be quickly seen.
  5. Make sure you follow up on the guest a day after the event by calling or texting them.
  6. Propose to take your guest to local lifestyle places like golf clubs, beaches, etc.
  7. Conduct an open house for other agents with listings and make it a win-win situation.
  8. Invite neighbors for a sneak peek.
  9. Collaborate with a neighborhood brand or shop to get influencers to your open house.
  10. Hold pools or challenges
  11. Make a special encounter for an extravagance open house

This is where you recreate the important areas for the guest to experience the luxury of the home within the four-hour open house. You can get them wine and other fancy delicacies. You can also stage an exotic sport to show them how the entrance will appear.

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